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Swashbucklers of Theah
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Diego & Ramon
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Episode Summaries
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Half the fun of great adventures is living to tell the tale!
The GM will provide official summaries of episodes.
Players are always welcome to submit p.o.v. accounts or commentaries to supplement the official archive.

Episode 1: The Raid on Barcino

Ramon & Diego drive a group of Montaignans out of the home of an old friend, and then rescue her brother from Barcino.

Interval: Tracking LeRoche

The morning after Ramon & Diego return from Barcino they learn that LeRoche has escaped from the jail in Noticias. They begin an immediate investigation.

Episode 2: Trouble With Angels

Ramon and Diego have their loyalties and honor tested when the Inquisition arrests Brother Tomas, an old acquaintance, and Diego is sure he is innocent.

Episode 3 - The Cup of Castille

Ramon & Diego accept a secret mission and travel to Edirne, in the Crescent Empire, to find and retrieve a long-lost cup from the coronation regalia of Roman Sandoval.