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Swashbucklers of Theah
House Rules and Rulings


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House Rules and Rulings

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A record of house rules, rules interpretations, and important precedents set.

  1. The game will be run using the d20 system, with modifications.
  2. At this time, nothing outside the D&D 3rd Edition Basic Handbook and the Swashbuckling Adventures Campaign Settings Rulebook will be allowed without explicit permission from the GM. Anyone requesting an exception must provide complete documentation before the request will be considered.
  3. The concept of "Class Skills" is abolished for all PC's and NPC's. It will be expected that there be reasonable grounds for the selection of any given skill.
  4. The "Castillan Education" feat allows a beginning character to speak any language of Theah - but the usual point per language cost must still be paid.
  5. a) The Perform skill belongs to the Knowledge/Profession/Craft grouping. A specialization must be chosen when the skill is taken. The skill may be taken more than once.
    b) The attribute governing the specific specialization will be DEX or CHA, depending on the type of performance chosen, to be approved by the GM.  Dance & Guitar would be governed by DEX. Acting, singing, oratory would be governed by CHA.
  6. PC's may take one feat for each level of advancement. This does not stack with the usual feat bestowed every three levels. NPC's may or may not enjoy the same advantage.
  7. When there is a question about the rules during a game session, the GM will make a decision based on the good of the game, without opening a book. A note will be made so the specific question can be researched after the session. Findings will be applied to future sessions, not retroactively.