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Swashbucklers of Theah
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Diego & Ramon
People & Places
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Where Ramon & Diego have been, who they've met,
and what they know about them.

    Carmina's Cantina
Rancho Talavera
    The Sitting Duck
Clara Fuente
   The Blasted Sunflower
Mt. Olimpia
   The Bernoulli compound
   The Golden Orange
San Cristobal
   The Midnight Sun (under construction)

  • Alvarez: The alcalde of Clara Fuente.
  • Don Carlos Dominguez: Mayor of Clara Fuente. His refusal to provide leadership when the Inquisition arrived in town has lost him the respect of his son Paolo as well as most of the citizens of Clara Fuente.
  • Carmina: Owner and proprietress of a cantina in Noticias. Ramon spent the night with her while investigating LeRoche's escape, and she'll welcome him back any time.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Constanza
Constanza Talavera

  • Constanza Talavera: childhood friend of Diego & Ramon. She is the childless widow of Don Ernesto Talavera, and mistress of Rancho Talavera. She is intensely fond of both heroes, but has shown a subtle favoring of Diego. 
  • Father Domenic Vicente: a Vaticine priest who serves as a dean at the University in Vaticine City. He provided church authorization for Ramon and Diego's trip to the Crescent Empire.
  • Etienne Remy: Commander of the Montaignan forces occupying Barcino. He tried to force Constanza to marry him using her brother as a hostage. Diego & Ramon have not met him face to face.
  • Felipe: Constanza's impulsive younger brother. He was captured in Barcino trying to be a hero, and was rescued by Ramon & Diego.

Kenneth Branagh as Gaston LeRoche
Gaston LeRoche

  • Gaston LeRoche: A Montaignan. Right-hand man to Col. Remy, sent to escort Constanza to her forced marriage. Diego & Ramon defeated him with humiliating ease, and earned his enduring hatred. He escaped from the jail in Noticias just after Diego & Ramon returned to Rancho Talavera with Felipe and his current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Generosa: Cook for the Talavera household.

Gino Bernoulli

  • Giovanni "Gino" Bernoulli - A handsome and intelligent youth with a fine singing voice and a talent for the guitar. He was assigned to serve as an aide to his illegitimate kinsman Marco, who oversees several of the caravans to Edirne. Marco treats him poorly, but Gino has never given any sign of resentment. So far, Marco appears to underestimate the younger man.

Patricia Velasquez as Lupe
Guadeloupe Vargas

  • Guadeloupe Vargas: a young woman who appeared in Ramon & Diego's campsite in the middle of the night during their journey to resuce Felipe. She told them Constanza had sent her to help them, but Constanza seems unaware of her existence. Jack Drake told Diego she was a Montaigne agent. She helped rescue Felipe but departed abruptly, without an explanation, as they neared the gates of Rancho Talavera. She has been strongly implicated as an accomplice in LeRoche's escape, and seems to have an alias as Paloma, a gypsy dancer.

Stuart Wilson and General Hector del Montoya
General Hector del Montoya

  • General Hector del Montoya: a gentleman of Castille who met and was impressed by Ramon and Diego during the Montaignan war. He asked them to retrieve the Cup of Castille.
  • Hector of Noticias: Servant of the Talavera household. He was dismissed due to a drinking, but Constanza took him back into service after he was instrumental in bringing Ramon & Diego to her rescue during LeRoche's occupation of her home.
  • Hector of Clara Fuente: A peasant. When he was incapacitated by a poisonous spider bite, Ramon & Diego heard his cries for help and transported him to Brother Tomas. He was arrested with everyone else at Brother Tomas's home when the Inquisition arrived looking for El Questionadio.
  • Bishop Isabella Ramirez: An official of the Inquisition, she was assigned to discover the identity of the heretical author El Questionadio and deal with him appropriately. She arrested Brother Tomas on those charges, but released him after Diego & Ramon identified Sofia Silva as the true guilty party.
  • Jack Drake: An Avalonian. The proprieter of The Sitting Duck, an inn located in Barcino.

  • Jahlilah Bahadar - younger sister to Khan Atagun Bahadar, twin to Sinan. Like her older brother, she distrusts yavanci on principle, but came to a grudging respect of Ramon and Diego.

Assumpta Serna
Katherina del Cortez

  • Katherina del Cortez: a swordswoman of the Soldano school. She tutored Ramon in swordplay (and other things) when he was attending the university. They remain friends, and continue their affair when time and circumstances permit. Most recently, Katherina has been serving a contract as a bodyguard to Bishop Vesta of the Inquisition.

Rufus Sewell as Marco Bernoulli
Marco Bernoulli

  • Marco Bernoulli: An illegitimate member of the Bernoulli clan. He accepted a commission to escort Ramon and Diego to Edirne, then betrayed them by drugging them and leaving them bound in the desert. Ramon and Diego did everything possible to implicate Marco in their theft of the Cup of Castille and the disappearance of its owner's wife.
  • Mignon: a young Montaignan woman sent by Col. Remy as an "engagement present" to be Constanza's maid - and act as his spy. She is strongly implicated as an accomplice in LeRoche's escape from the Noticias jail. 
  • Miguel: Chief Steward of the Talavera household.
  • Musad al'Fadil: a prosperous merchant of Edirne who does not inquire too closely into the sources of the rare and exotic wares he buys and sells. He likes to enhance his position through cultivation of nobles and celebrities - although this backfired in the case of his second wife, Zain, a former wrestling celebrity who betrayed and abandoned him.
  • Najid: an evil sorceror who acts as the chief of security for Musad al-Fadil in Edirne.
  • Pablo: Ramon's retainer. An enthusiastic young man who hero-worships his employer and is always eager to be of assistance.
  • Paloma: A gypsy dancer who comes and goes in Noticias. The patrons of Carmina's cantina speak of her reverently, even though she is as cold to would-be lovers as she is fiery in her dancing. Ramon & Diego have reason to believe she is also known as Guadeloupe Vargas.
  • Paolo Dominguez: The only surviving child of the mayor of Clara Fuente. He is a bright and honorable young man who is frustred by his father's political posturing and cowardice. He has been in love with Sofia Silva, and resented his parents' judgement that she was unsuitable to be his wife.
  • Pierre: A Montaignan who settled in Clara Fuente and married Teresa, a local girl. He owns The Blasted Sunflower.
  • Ruhan: Once a servant to a noble Castillan house, he was captured by pirates, castrated, and sold as a slave in the Crescent Empire to Musad al'Fadil. He now serves Zain back in San Cristobal, but prefers to let everyone believe he is Crescent, not wanting his old name known. 
  • Sancho: Diego's retainer. A veteran of the Castille military, he and Diego met during the Montaignan war. He has a strong sense of propriety and takes pride in meeting Diego's needs before Diego himself is aware of them.

  • The Silva Family: Alberto and Elmira run the general store in Clara Fuente. Their eldest daughter, Sofia, is a convicted heretic. Their other children are Ingrid, Bastian & Bertolo, Juana and Pedro. Alberto resents Ramon & Diego (especially Diego) for turning his daughter over to the Inquisition.

  • Sherif Sinan Bahadar: Younger brother of Khan Atagun Bahadar, twin to Jahlilah, a subchief of the Atlar-Vahiy tribe. He rescued Ramon and Diego after Marco Bernoulli abandoned them in the desert. Reserved at first, he was impressed by their honor, and became friendly with them.

  • Sofia Silva: A healer, once known as one of the "Lame Angels" of Clara Fuente. She was convicted of heresy for her writings as El Questionadio which challenged Vaticine policy about the repression of scientific research. Faced with the prospect of execution, she recanted, and has been sentenced to two years of supervision in a convent, to be followed by putting her talents to work for the church in one of its own research facilities.
  • Teresa of Clara Fuente: Wife of Pierre, co-owner and proprietress of The Blasted Sunflower, a friend of Sofia Silva.
  • Timoteo: A misanthropic scribe and busybody who lives on the west end of Noticias and has a grudge against the (former) commander of the guard.
  • Brother Tomas: a former mercenary who joined an order of lay brothers after a knee injury ended his fighting days. He met Ramon and Diego when he was working in the infirmary at the university and studying the variety of religious beliefs in the world. More recently he has settled in Clara Fuente where he was one of the "Lame Angel" healers. He was arrested by the Inquisition on charges of being a heretical author, but was released after Diego & Ramon revealed the actual guilty party.
  • Vesta: The Inquisition alias of Bishop Isabella Ramirez.

Lucy Lawless as Zain

  • Zain - Second wife of Musad al'Fadil, formerly famous as a wrestler at the Jade Serpent in Edirne, she regretted trading excitement and notoriety for life in a gilded cage with an unsuitable husband. Zain helped Ramon and Diego steal the Cup of Castille from Musad, on condition that they take her with them. She now resides in San Cristobal, where she has converted to the Vaticine Church and opened a nightclub called "The Midnight Sun."


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