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The Hall of Heroines

Founded: September 14, 2002
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A heroine is a woman who goes beyond the ordinary. She may show tremendous courage, compassion, or leadership. She may travel into new worlds. She may also demonstrate a new way of being a woman by going beyond the conventional roles and restrictions of her time. A heroine is not always a role model, but she is always inspiring because she redefines what is possible. A meaningful Heroine's Tale can be fiction or non-fiction, history, legend or fantasy. But it must be Truthful.

The heroines presented in this site are the ones who have touched my heart during a lifetime of reading and movie-going. Most of them are fictional, and the ones who actually did live are known to me more through legend than fact. There are many real-life heroines who deserve to be commemorated. But this site is a tribute to the power of Myth and Legend.

Types of Heroines

The heroines on this site express their heroism in different ways. Some are Warriors, who take up a cause. Some are Journeyers, who unexpectedly find themselves in extreme situations or rise to the challenge of new worlds. Some are heroines of Faith, motivated by their belief in a higher law. Some are Sovereigns, whose struggles are a consequence of being a ruler. Some are Adventurers, who seek challenge for its own sake. And of course, a single heroine may have more than one of these aspects.

Some of these heroines win their battles, but not all of them. Heroism does not automatically guarantee victory. Sometimes heroism becomes martyrdom.

The one trait all heroines have in common is courage. There is no heroism without courage.

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Portrait from The Empire Strikes Back

  Princess Leia Organa
Created by George Lucas
Portrayed by Carrie Fisher

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Heroines to be Added

Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan
Lady Jane Grey
Queen Christina of Sweden
Veronica Franco
Sabrina Verrick
Jehane bat Ishak
Janet Carter
Joan of Arc

Enemies, Allies and Consorts

Where is a heroine without a villain to act as her opponent and foil? Without a powerful enemy to fight, a heroine does not have the opportunity to demonstate the full scope of her own power and courage.

Many heroines also have friends, allies or consorts who play important parts in their stories. Their relationships with these companions are additional sources of strength, and often allow the heroine to experience and express a wider range of her own humanity than would have been allowed if her entire focus had been on her heroic struggle. Sometimes the essence of her heroism is revealed in the way she engages in relationships in the midst of the battle or journey.

Throughout this site, you will find sidebars which discuss the enemies and allies who help define and add dimension to a heroine's saga.