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The Hall of Heroines
Deidre Organa-Warhit

The Emperor Called Her
"The Great Betrayer"

There are many stories about how Princess Leia Organa came into possession of the plans to the Death Star. In one strand of the multiverse, they were passed to her by her cousin, Princess Deidre, who was on Coruscant serving as the administrator of the Imperial Senate's committee on Relief & Renewal.

Julia Ormond

Julia Ormond as
Princess Deidre Organa-Warhit

Ute Warhit

Ute Warhit intimidated Deidre when he was first assigned to her team. A former stormtrooper, he was a man of few words, and when he did speak he was frequently unpleasant. A black shadow seemed to hang around him, and Deidre eventually realized that what seemed at first to be steely courage was actually suicidal resignation. He didn't care if he lived or died - and he didn't care about anyone on the team, except insofar as they had an impact on the mission assignment. Ute's oppressive darkness sprang from his grief at the slaughter of his clan, and his guilt at having survived. He had thought to find an honorable death as a soldier for the Empire, but then learned that it was the Empire which had ordered the destruction of his people.


Slowly, almost against his will, Ute began to change under the influence of the strange group with which he found himself. Treeclimber, a warm-hearted Climmean who resembled a flying lemur, was a Force adept whose holy-fool personna obscured his deep wisdom. Lorin, a young Jedi, struggled between idealism and the darkness of the grief and loss in his own past. Chaco, a young Wookiee, was the devoted protector of the princess. Deidre herself, a princess from a sheltered background, clearly did not belong in command of an Intel field team, but somehow managed to inspire the motley group and keep everyone moving in enough of the same direction to get the job done.