Shrine of the Holy Grail
The Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis


The Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis
OAG Required Reading

A Christo-Pagan Fellowship
of the Grail Quest

The Holy Vessel Appeared in Their Midst

The Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis (OAG) is a fellowship of spiritual seekers who have chosen the Grail Quest as our guiding mythology. We recognize in the stories of the Holy Grail a mystery tradition that includes and transcends both Paganism and Christianity. We honor both the Goddess and the Christ, seeing each as a manifestation of THE MYSTERY which is beyond gender or doctrine.

Our liturgical cycle follows the Pagan Wheel of the Year, but our focus is not on spell-casting. It is on worship. To quote Grail Priest William Calhoun: "In this tradition, worship is perceived as being the highest manifestation of magick; a means of self-transformation by which we amplify our sense of connectedness with the ultimate Divinity."

Our highest ritual is the Grail Mass, a eucharistic meal during which we celebrate and participate in THE MYSTERY through the consecrated elements of bread and wine.

An Excerpt from the Grail Mass

The Grail Mass is a lengthy rite, involving ceremonial preparation, purification, and liturgies of both the Host and the Chalice. The following excerpts are included here to give you a sense of the tone and theology of the ritual.

The Consecration of the Host
The Crucified God
has risen in strength
from the tomb triumphant;
harrowing Hell and Death's domain;
ascending in the radiance
of Solar Glory.

Osiris has been raised up by Isis;
he who was torn in pieces
has been regathered as One;
restored by her mighty Words of Power,
even as these scattered grains
have been gathered into One Loaf,
that it may now become for us
the Body of God
prepared as Sacrifice
that He may rise anew transformed in us:
bone of our bone,
flesh of our flesh,
spirit of our spirit.

The Consecration of the Chalice
Holy Queen of the Glorious Grail,
we offer unto Thee here
this humble, crafted Cup,
that it may become for us
a manifestation of THE  MYSTERY;
the Womb of the Wine of Wisdom;
the Holy and Venerable Vessel of the Vine.
Descend, we pray,
upon this Cup which we offer,
that it may become for us
the Channel of Thy Grace,
the Dispenser of Thy Favor,
the Tabernacle of Thy Precious Presence.