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Swashbucklers of Theah
A Biography of Ramon Tezano Callas del Serrano


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Ramon was born as the only child of Tomas Tezano Munoz del Serrano and Costanza Callas Lidrado y Tezano.  It was expected that Ramon would inherit his father's estate and position when he came of age, yet Tomas has been reluctant to release this responsibility.


Ramon, born with his fathers bearing and striking good looks of his mother, bore the responsibility of his familys position from childhood.  Ramon has the habit of remaining slightly aloof in social situations, a habit gained from his social life at the University.


Ramon was an excellent student, and popular with both his instructors and classmates.  Taking an interest in the church at an early age, it was perceived that Ramon would have sought the Priesthood had he been born to another destiny.  As it was, Ramons study of theology and philosophy earned him praise and the admiration of his parents.


After graduation, Ramon spent a few years learning the nature and intrigue of Court.  As a naturally charismatic and intuitive young man, he made many friends as well as rivals in Court, though remarkably few true enemies.  Ramon seems to have developed considerable skill in determining his opponents motivations, and winning their admiration with panache and flair.


When war broke out against Montaigne, Ramon was prepared to serve with the Army in driving back the invaders.  Only his duty prevented him from enlisting as a common soldier in the defense of his beloved Castille.  Many powerful members of the Royal Court left their posts to fight, but many more hid behind their responsibility to Ramons disappointment.


After several months of listening to the whining of cowards seeking a peaceful resolution to the hostilities between Castille and Montaigne, Ramon had his fill.  Making arrangements with his father for an allowance, Ramon embarked on what was described as a fact finding mission to the regions plagued by fighting.  Ramon inquired into the welfare of those affected by the war, often lending personal and/or financial support to the valiant citizens of Castille.  Often, he organized covert resistance cells and led raids to disrupt supply lines and harry the enemy.


When the Montaigne retreated after the armistice, Ramon returned home briefly to enjoy to warmth and comfort of home.  During this time, Ramon decided to pursue advanced study with the sword.  Already skilled from the University as well as his experience during the war, Ramon excelled in the Soldano school.


It was during fencing school that Ramon was reunited with his cousin Diego.  They had not seen each other since before the war, and were quite excited to share tales of their adventures.  It was from these conversations that Ramon decided what course he would take.


That evening, Ramon and his father drank port and discussed Ramons plan well into after midnight.  Ramon proposed that he would return to the road seeking Montaigne spies and collaborators left behind after their withdrawal.  Tomas did not embrace this idea as enthusiastically as Ramon had hoped, but received his fathers permission to embark despite personal reservations.


Under the story of seeking adventure and sowing his oats, Ramon travels the Castillian countryside secretly rooting out enemies of his beloved Castille and helping his people recover whenever possible.


Castille is Ramons great love, second only to his love of the Church.  Lately, Ramon has become concerned with the rumors of corruption and abuse of power centered on the Church.  He does not wish to believe these rumors, but the truth becomes clearer every day.


Ramon debates how he can combat this corruption without harm coming to the church, so has not addressed this matter in any manner other than philosophically.