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The Hall of Heroines
Excerpts from "Firelord" and "Beloved Exile"


"Try on the crown. . . ."
   "Christian she was, but of the ancient Parisi, whose royal women were always associated with the fertility goddess in times not far removed. This attitude survived conversion. Bishops like Anscopius might mutter and warn, but if the princess's bed was no longer an augur of fertility, it was at least her own business.
     "Promiscuous? Hardly. Grant to any affectionate, well-governed wife that she won't commit adultery on sheer impulse alone, how much less likely for the most public of all women to succumb? If and when she does, it follows that more than one day prepared her for it. When Lancelot came back to court, Guenevere had worked at statecraft daily, girl and woman, for many years.
     "Daily, I said.             [Click here to read the rest of the passage.]