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Shrine of the Holy Grail
The Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis
OAG Required Reading

Blessings and Welcome!

The Holy Grail is the symbol of the ultimate goal of the spiritual quest: union with the Divine. It is a channel through which the Presence and Power of the Divine enter the world through the action of a dedicated individual. When we find and drink from the Grail, we not only open ourselves to blessings and healing, we enable the blessing healing of the world around us.

This site is dedicated to sharing my own Grail path, and providing resources for others on similar journeys. As a priestess ordained by the Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis, I am happy to share some of the specific teachings and recommended readings of my Order, as well as some of the wisdom of my brethren. I also want to share my own explorations on the subject of The Living Grail.

My own journey combines the traditions, lore and teachings of Christianity and Neo-Paganism, and that orientation is reflected throughout the site. As a scholar (with a Masters Degree in Comparative Religion) it's important to me to label fact, myth, and speculation whenever possible. As a mystic, I know that Truth can and does transcend these categories.

And Down the Long Beam Came the Holy Grail

Site Founded September 14, 2002
Last Update: September 24, 2002
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