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Janet's Notebook

Queen of Swords from the "Alleged Tarot"

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Janet Hendrickson


Look up the word "eclectic" in the dictionary, and you just may find my picture. I have an MA in Comparative Religion and my most recent day job was Director of Business Development for an energy company. I'm a Priestess of the Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis (Order of the Holy Grail) a spiritual path which combines Christianity and Paganism. I'm divorced, but my ex-husband and I share a duplex so that our daughter can still have both parents close at hand. I'm a bookworm who enjoys high-intensity weightlifting. I love directing plays, but haven't had the chance for far too long.

In some cases there are several thousand webpages that will come up if you do a search on the keywords covered by my pages. Therefore, I've done my best to be original. You won't find summaries or surveys of factual information; what you'll find is my interpretation -- or in some cases reinterpretation -- of these ideas. My hope is that others will find it interesting, entertaining, perhaps even inspiring. If so, please sign my guest book and let me know! If not, go ahead and sign the guestbook anyway and leave some constructive feedback.
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